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 Keski-Savo Waste Management

  • Keski-Savo Waste Management is established in January 2011
    (earlier known as  Varkaus Regional Waste management, Varkauden seudun jätehuolto)
  • The company is jointly owned by municipalities of Heinävesi, Juva, Joroinen, Leppävirta and Varkaus (in Finnish” liikelaitoskuntayhtymä”). More about companys administration..

  • The company is responsible of arranging municipal solid waste collection, transportation, recycling (partly) and landfill waste final placement in co-operation district

Customer service:
Customer service phone number is: 020 610 9760 (weekdays: 9 am - 4 pm)
e-mail: jatehuolto.varkaus(at)
Jätehuolto/Taitoa Varkaus,
Wredenkatu 2,
78250 Varkaus
   •    waste contracts and general information
   •    prices 
   •    waste collection vehicles
   •    containers

Waste advisor:
tel. 040 8311492
e-mail: jateneuvonta(at)
 •    information and leaflets about waste sorting and recycling

Chief executive officer:
Mr. Jarmo Vepsäläinen
email: jarmo.vepsalainen(at)  
Riikinneva Waste Treatment Center (in finnish: "Riikinnevan jätelaitos"):
address: Riikinnevantie 153, Leppävirta
tel. (017)  5581 307
e-mail: riikinnevan.jatelaitos(at)

Monday: 8.00 -19.00
Tuesday- Friday: 8.00-16.00
Saturday-Sunday: Closed
Mid-week holidays can cause exceptions to the opening hours.

Location of Riikinneva Waste Treatment center 


The sorting of waste saves natural resources and energy. The sorting of hazardous waste prevents toxic materials ending up in a landfill or to environment.